“Water use has been increasing worldwide by about 1% per year since the 1980s, driven by a combination of population growth, socio-economic development and changing consumption patterns. Global water demand is expected to continue increasing at a similar rate until 2050, accounting for an increase of 20 to 30% above the current level of water use, mainly due to rising demand in the industrial and domestic sectors. Over 2 billion people live in countries experiencing high water stress, and about 4 billion people experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year. Stress levels will continue to increase as demand for water grows and the effects of climate change intensify.”

World Water Development Report 2019: Leaving No One Behind.

Bahrain ranks in the top 10 countries with the highest population density in the world. It is therefore crucial to develop strong water management policies and sustainable management practices. Since water is one of the corner stones of the agricultural process, this year’s show will focus on the theme “Water: Regenerating Life”. A number of topics will be highlighted including: Water management; Water in relation to the environment, food and energy;Water and climate change, Water quality and wastewater; and Water sustainability.
Governments, communities and individuals all play a role in the success of working towards sustainability. We need to act now to provide a better future for the generations to come.