B2B Meetings

BIGS organizers coordinate intensive, high level B2B meetings during the exhibition which ultimately results in valuable matchmaking connections for exhibitors. Meetings are pre-booked, based on the company’s preferences and the best matches to their products and services are found, in order to pursue potential partners and investors in the region. The B2B meetings are with key personnel of companies in the region and high-level decision makers in the public and private sector.

BIGS assures direct access to regional architects, consultants, developers, professionals & vendors who are seeking strategies, products and technologies to tackle the challenges they face or to expand their current offerings.

High level B2B meetings
Pre-arranged by organizers

A unique opportunity for local and global exchange

More than just an exhibition – 5 reasons to book your stand

  • Your chance to access and mark your presence in the Middle East market, expose your brand and meet serious business partner/ buyers at scheduled B to B meeting pre-arranged by organizers.
  • Expand on export potential – Meet new buyers and distributors in the Arabian Gulf region.
  • Extensive buyer networks – Meet high ranking resellers with the capacity to carry your products to new markets.
  • The show can offer you the perfect platform to meet thousands of potential new customers in person. That’s everyone in the market who is serious about looking for new products, upgrading existing technology and investing in new services.
  • Guaranteed success – the organizer can pre-book meetings, based on your preference and best match to your products/services to pursue potential partners and investors in the region.